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Cayenne Pepper

Basil and Things is committed to making our friends and clients aware of the many different uses and positive aspects that our spices can provide for you and your family. We hope you will find it enjoyable as well as knowledgeable along the way.

This month we are talking Cayenne Pepper....... You know the orangey red stuff.
HOT Hmmmm...
These tiny but potent fruits are of the Chile family and contain the ingredient known as Capsicum. This is the oil that also produces it's heat factor and is also used in modern day pepper spray. This plant is believed to have come from Central, and South America as well as the West Indies.
It made it's way to the good old USA quite some time ago by Spanish Explorers who were in fact seeking out black pepper ..... Not really sure how that worked out but never the less we are blessed by their efforts. It is said that the pepper plant received it's name from the city of Cayenne which was actually a French Guiana an overseas department located on the northern coast of South America.

Now cayenne is not really known for it's aroma but more for it's spicy style and heat factor. When the peppers are dried and ground to a powder form they are usually blended to create that orange to red color as well as it's heat level. Almost all Cayenne pepper that is sold in the grocery store has a heat rating of 40. Heat rating ranges from 0 - 100 the higher the number the hotter it is. All pepper has a heat factor even your common black pepper it just is usually not posted on lower rated peppers. Cayenne Pepper also has a medicinal side that many folks don't think about why BECAUSE IT IS ALL SO HOT ???

Seriously though it is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, B complex, calcium and potassium and contains antioxidants. This is good in promoting good blood flow, our digestive tract and is also used in many pain relievers on the market today just to mention a few.. There is a wealth of info pertaining to this subject online and if you have the time here is a site I find very informative.

Ok so we know that cayenne pepper is on the hotter side of life
so what in the world do we use it in..... ???

Well the truth is it is used in many different recipes around the world. Mexican, Asian, and Indian dishes are at the top but it can be used in many different applications. A good rule of thumb to follow is use or add it sparingly with your recipes to achieve your desired taste. Many Cajun and creole recipes use cayenne as well. It can be added to dips, sausage, hot sauces, tacos, stir fry, scrambled eggs, noodle or potato dishes, grilled meats, poultry or seafood. Cayenne also blends well with other spices. Now if you are into creating your own rubs or special blends and need that element of heat for that extra kick then this is the spice to use.. So if Cayenne Pepper has been something you weren't sure about hey just pick up a bottle and let your adventurous side out.
You just might find it to be fun and exciting
and get some new compliments on some old recipes.

We offer three different Cayenne Pepper's at both our stores. Cayenne #40, #60, and #90.
The #90 is listed in our new 1 oz. bottle and in our 2 oz. bottles we offer #40, #60 and #90
for those of you that are old pro's with the stuff.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask we always enjoy hearing from you.

Here's a recipe for you to try.

Take a fillet of Maui Maui cut away the skin.
Coat the fish with olive oil not to heavy.
Season with garlic salt, onion powder, parsley flakes and Cayenne #40 sparingly.

( for those of you that like it hot try our # 60 or # 90.)
Place on the grill , about half way through the cooking period add just a little bit of wood chips for a nice hint of smoke flavor.
When the fish is done serve up with your favorite side dishes and enjoy..
So take care, happy cooking and we'll see you next month.
Rick and Kathy owners of Basil and Things

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