Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't overlook the obvious

Don't overlook the obvious

How many times has this happened to you? Work ran a bit late, traffic was unusually heavy on the way home, and of coarse everyone is counting on you for dinner. So what to do? Lets all go out ! Seems like a pretty cool solution until the questions and comments start. You know the ones... Where do we want to go, what do we feel like eating and everyone has a different idea right. Then there's the, well they're bit pricey or they always have a long waiting time and we're hungry now. Ok you can admit it you've been there right? Fast food just doesn't even sound like the answer heck you just had that for lunch. So what to do, where to go? Well that's when you think hey Cracker Barrel sounds perfect. We haven't eaten there in a while. They have a great menu which should suffice even the pickiest eater of the group.

There's always a nice down home atmosphere with friendly service too. That almost guarantees some quality dinning time with your family, which is a major plus. They have a convenient country store to browse with many of items you don't find in other stores or shops. The main dinning hall has a fireplace which is always stoked up in the winter time. Of coarse my favorite is the old artifacts on display in the entire building, it's like walking into a museum of sorts. A step out of the hustle and bustle world in which we find ourselves all to often. Good family or friends down time surrounded by an era of a less confusing times you might say. The overall view is relaxed and casual.

Cracker Barrel history is interesting in it's self. Getting it's start some years ago. Its founder based his idea that family time was important. Good meals and friendly service was the focal point of their mission for success. So maybe the next opportunity you get, your local Cracker Barrel will fit the bill for you and your family.

Oh yeah, they make a pretty good meatloaf and don't forget about the hash brown casserole. Your gonna love it.

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