Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas dinner past and present

Christmas is a time of giving, caring and fond memories new and old. Still the other cool thing about Christmas is the eats. Come on admit it you love to indulge in great tasting foods and desserts during this time of the year. Heck without Christmas treats most of us wouldn't have a new years resolution to aim for. Something like maybe dropping a few holiday pounds before beach weather is on us. Oh yeah you know where we're coming from and there's nothing wrong with that train of thought. The truth is that Christmas dinner and desserts are just about as big of a part of this holiday as gift giving is. When you think about it; sharing our well prepared foods with loved one's and friends is giving a gift too. There is a lot of love, time, effort and thought that goes into a fine Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Then you also have those great homemade sweet treats like cookies, cakes, pies and more. Man you have to love this holiday.

So did you know that Christmas has always been about the food and sharing time with family and friends since it's most earliest years. Back in the colonial days Christmas dinner was the main focus. They would have had either goose, ham, turkey, beef or venison for the main course. If you lived closer to the coast you might enjoy oysters, fish, or mincemeat pies. Now the desserts were more then likely some type of pudding or custard, fruit pies and of coarse the infamous Christmas fruit cake. Egg nog was a very popular drink also but unlike today it was served up hot. There was also a good supply of alcoholic beverages too. Fruit wines, rum punch, old fashion brandy and other alcoholic beverages were all part of the holiday.

So like today there is really no one main "must have dish" on your table for a Christmas dinner. Location, preferences and diversity of people make Christmas dinner unique in every household. There is one thing to take to table though this Christmas and that is a word of thanks. Thanks for the one who has worked so hard to prepare the fine meal your about to enjoy, and for the precious time shared together at this holiday season. Now that's Christmas

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