Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a new holiday tradition

Well this is the time of year where many family traditions have originated. Handed down from one generation to the next. It's why so many children, teenagers and adults alike look forward to the holiday season. Now we all have at least one or maybe several that always bring back a special moment that we shared with a favorite loved one or friend. Of coarse there is always a new joy of sharing it with that special someone in your family who is brand new to this type of grand treatment. To watch their reactions of excitement and joy, and how knowing you are passing on the torch so to say. These traditions can be anything from a special dessert to grandpa's homemade dressing or those special movies, parades, songs or a social function you might enjoy at this time of the year. Maybe just knowing that you will be able to share the holiday season with your family once again. No matter what your special tradition maybe our main goal is remembering the day, those we share it with and being thankful for what we have been blessed with.

With all of that in mind maybe a new tradition could or should be added to our holiday season. We all know or maybe are even feeling the effects of our struggling economic situation in our country this year. Due to many company closings, lay offs and cutbacks many once thriving citizens are finding themselves in a financial failure of their own. Our homeless rate is now advancing at a speed in which we have not experienced in our country since the great depression. Many of these folks were solid citizens in our nation for many years and many have been forced now to trying to survive on the streets. This also includes whole families too. The growing number of children now living on the streets is terrible. Sure these unfortunate people try receive local help, work, food and a place to stay or sleep but that is also a problem. These organizations and churches that are geared toward helping the homeless can only do so much. As with anything funds are slim for them too.

So what we should do this and every holiday season is try to donate a little, food, money or personal time to help those that are so much in need, Where hope for them is a fleeing dream. This doesn't have to be a huge type of contribution either. Drop off a few can goods at your local church or food drive, or contact your local coalition for the homeless and see what you might can do. There are many ways and places to give a little bit, but a little bit means that maybe a child is not going hungry tonight.

This is the season for giving thanks and for brotherly love, something that is becoming a dwindling commodity in our nation. If we all do just a small thing it will result in a major blessing to so many that are in need. It's amazing to what extremes we will go to help abandoned animals in this country but yet people seem to ignore the homeless problem.

So on Thanksgiving as you are preparing your turkey remembering to baste often so that it is tender and moist. Take time to give thanks for all you and your family have been blessed with for you never know how fast things can change. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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